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Our Close Protection (CP) agents provide personalized protection to a wide array of clients ranging from celebrities to corporate executives. Close Protection services include:

  • Detailed and continued risk mitigation, vulnerability assessments and threat analysis.
  • Security advances and detailed site visits.
  • Liaise with law enforcement, fire and medical services, government agencies, hotel and venue operators, airline representatives, and Customs/Immigration services.
  • Close protection travel coverage.
  • High profile security coverage in both covert and/or overt situations.
  • Contingency and emergency planning


Our highly skilled residential/on-site security personnel are trained to patrol the property, monitor surveillance equipment, control access points, receive packages, prevent loss or damage to property, and provide protection to our clients, their families, and staff, ensuring that they are safe and protected while on property.


For our clients’ transportation needs we offer security drivers. These drivers are off duty or retired law enforcement officers who are  trained in defensive and evasive driving techniques. All security drivers work directly with our Close Protection agents to ensure a successful detail.

Film &

J Blair Group has the essential attributes and experience in providing protection to individuals working on and around film and television locations. Our services and approach include:

  • Trained to work in all production environments
  • Well versed in set etiquette, communication, and professionalism
  • Proactive interaction with production staff and set security to ensure safe and seamless working conditions
  • Work to maintain your budget by eliminating the costs of redundancy, all while balancing the necessary security support


We understand that special events require multiple layers of security. Our customized security plans will not only ensure the safety of your guests, but your property and venue as well, ensuring a successful event. As part of our event security services, we offer:

  • Crowd, press and traffic control, both inside and outside the venue
  • Personal security escorts
  • First Aid personnel, CPR/AED + Active shooter prevention
  • Access Control (queuing and ticket checking)
  • 24-hour uniform guards for the venue (load in and load out)
  • VIP close protection for guests of honor and designated individuals
  • Transportation services

Car Service

JBG Transportation has the expertise and knowledge to provide our clients with the quality of service that is expected from J Blair Group. Like our security drivers we require that our chauffeurs advance routes, maintain the vehicle to the highest standards, and offer the personal attention needed to retain our clients for a lifetime. Our services are specifically designed to put you and your well-being at the forefront of our attention while providing a first-class experience.


Threats can come in many forms. Because of this, agents at J Blair Group are trained to analyze any threats while being aware of where the threats can come from. At J Blair Group we collect extensive pre-assignment intelligence collection, so that we have the most current data available.

We conduct intelligence gathering from anywhere you may go in the world. We get real time intelligence and conduct risk profiles for every assignment whether it is domestic or abroad. Because threats can present themselves very quickly, we go through evolving vulnerability assessments and risk mitigation as quickly as possible so that our clients never feel any changes in their vibe.

Responsive. When and where it matters.

The services listed provide the foundation of J Blair Group Services. We are adept at customizing our services to match the needs of our clients and look forward to learning about your specific needs and how our customized approach can address all your security needs.